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Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Zombies Ate My Chilean ISSUE 5

Well this one's been a long time coming! But FINALLY I've had enough and need to get to it! The story, layout and cover's been done, so it's now down to me with pencil and paper to make some magic!

Animajay x

Friday, 5 February 2010

Thank you!

Check it out! When our online store is up, look at the cute little thank you stickers that will come on your delivery. Just a nicer way to say thank you for reading our books :)

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Zombies Ate my Chilean SPIN OFF

This is a concept cover based on the 'spin off' we have planned for 'The Zombies ate my Chilean' series. The first book will cover the events of what happened to Officer Carl Benson after Richard leaves the Police Station.

The books look is based on the old EC horror comics of the 40s and 50s. More so 'Tales from the Crypt'.

Just our way of showing our love for classic horror.

The book will be written by Richard O'Donnell with plans for Pete Moran (talented friend of Alex) to illustrate the book.
Well I gotta say, for a while now I've not been happy with the Zombies logo we use for our books. What once kinda looked good, looks a bit crappy.

So I decided to revamp it, except my illustrator skills weren't up to speed, but it was hitting the lines of what I wanted. Something modern, but B-Movie at the same time.

Then through recovering from an op I had nothing better to do as time away from work left me refreshed and a little stir crazy (enter Richard Prior).

Well here it is!!! The NEW logo for Zombies. I'm totally happy with it and look forward to seeing it come issue 6!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Poster 1 of 2

YAY! The first blog post! I'm soooo excited! Well, I'd say more web satisfied LOL!

This is the poster that Im working on right now to sell at the conventions we attend. It depicts the ORIGINAL 8 characters from The Zombies Ate My Chilean from 2001.

I'm taking my time and giving it a nice painted effect. It's going to be the first out of 2 posters. The second one I'm gonna be cracking on with once this one is done we'll be the women! So it'll be a nice sexy poster!

But sadly as he didn't fit on the first poster and he's not a girl, the character Justin will be missing from the two. This got me a little down cos I wanted the entire cast in the poster collection, so I may just do a third!

Anywayz, back to all the hard work and stuff

AJ x