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Sunday, 9 October 2011

A new poster for Ricky's birthday. This was supposed to be done a few months back. But restricting time left me with little chance to do it until now - Happy birthday buddy!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Graphic Novel Special Edition

With the preparation of the first graphic novel, we're throwing a lot of goodies in to the spare pages.

But after these few years of producing the book, my artwork has improved some what, and there were a few images in Issue 1 that I wasn't entirely happy with. Given, there a quite a few pics that don't stand up to the quality of Issue 5. But I'm not willing to re-draw an entire issue. So I've carefully selected the ones that bothered me the most, just to polish up verious bits. For example, the burger boy exterior shot bugs the absolute CRAP outta me. That one will be getting an overhaul.

But I've got to be careful not to do a George Lucas and completely shit all over my own work. I understand it's good to keep Issue 1 the way it is to preserve and show the progress of the story and it's development. So as an example here is another image of Crystal that I thought looked RETARDED!

I've provided a quick scan of the new image to show what will be replacing it. I'm probably going to desaturate the colour a bit too, as my colouring skills back then for comics were relatively new.